CVG Value+ Functional Areas

Innovative Accounts Receivable and Dispute Resolution Software


  • A shared set of tools which plug unwelcome process gaps
  • Based around an advanced workflow system which ensures all activities are followed up with the next appropriate activity
  • Dynamic / automatic segmentation of customer base (by any criteria i.e. risk, size, type etc.)
  • Application of credit, collections and dispute / query management policies against each segment
  • Dynamic credit limit calculation based on customer payment behaviour and business volumes
  • Automatic generation of prioritised (size, age) tasks for collections by segment including automatic dunning letters, proactive telephone contact, overdue collections
  • Deliver value across multiple processes
  • Target Setting (DSO, overdues etc)

Dispute Management

  • Dispute / query identification, categorisation, allocation and resolution according to SLAs by segment
  • Customer service management is revolutionised by integrating the sales customer service function with the AR function providing a set of shared metrics, reporting and visibility across the processes

Management Information

  • Sophisticated multi-layer Management Reporting


  • CVG Value+ is a flexible solution which can easily be configured and tailored to meet any business model and interface with any ERP or set of legacy systems
  • Designed to be implemented in a phased approach
  • There are strategic wins at each stage of the implementation to ensure that the project is making money even before fully implementing it
  • Starting typically with AR processes and working into integrating the customer service side of the business

CVG Value+ Benefits


Collaborative, stand alone system OR integrated with existing financial / ERP and financial packages

Cash benefits:

  • Improve terms or renegotiate stricter terms
  • Reduce overdues and get customers to pay on time
  • Accelerate billing and ensure bill gets out on time

Profitability benefits:

  • Reduce write-offs and ensure customers can pay
  • Reduce price leakage
  • Minimise credits and adjustments
  • Improve productivity, train, automate and prioritise to improve efficiency and effectiveness

Service benefits:

  • Reduce customer disputes and queries and so provide better service to customer
  • Standardise processes and make transactions easy to process
  • Improve flexibility and stay reactive to market demands and trends
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“The most sophisticated Collections and Dispute Management System in the world”

Project Sponsor, Global Electronics Giant

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"Our call centre can now manage many more inbound and outbound customer calls with a 75% smaller team. This will save us more than £5m over the next 3 years."

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